Productos para la Industria Alimenticia, Minera, Petrolera, Construccion, Agro, Náutica, Deportes y Hogar. 
                Products for the Alimentary,  Mining, Oil, Construction industries, Agro, Nautical, Sports and Home.
              Produtos para o indústrias Alimentícia, Minera, Petrolifera, Construção, Agro, Náutico, Esportes e Casa.

Our Mission

López Castro SRL is a dedicated family company, with the same growing strength since its foundation:


  • To the production and distribution of ropes, threads and tapes, manufactured in natural and synthetic fibers, for the trade and the alimentary industry, nautical, mining, sport, construction and home, with the highest quality, always attentive to the client's new necessities;


  • Stimulating to people's team, the most important asset in the company, to develop their maximum potential, towards professional and economic growth of both Individuals and Company;


  • Assisting the processes of production and distribution that at the right cost, improve the care of the environment and quality of life of our community.